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Insurance Adjusting

In a world where the claims process has become overwhelmingly frustrating and time consuming, with nearly 68% of claims being underpaid, having an experienced team working on your behalf is more important than ever.


The time following a disaster can be stressful and can lead to missing critical deadlines and overlooking available/applicable coverage(s).  We understand the technical language and complex requirements inherent within insurance policies and claims.


It is the insured’s responsibility to substantiate a loss, not the agent or the insurance carrier. It is absolutely crucial the presentation is handled properly to find successful resolution. TEI Claims provides peace of mind in this endeavor, professionally managing the claims process.

Claims Consulting

Forensic Structural Analysis – We go beyond industry standard practices to determine the full extent of damage, the long-term impact to building components, and how to best restore your property to pre-loss condition or better. Partial fixes offered by the carrier may lead to unexpected future repairs.


Professional Photography – We provide our clients with detailed photographs to capture relevant and necessary proof of damages, strengthening your claim.


Moisture Survey – We use state of the art infrared thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors to discover and document trapped moisture that has, or will, cause damage.


Estimate Review – Our team is made up of construction industry experts. Insurance Companies have a financial interest in your claim which may be taken into consideration when compiling estimates. Our experience tells us what it will cost to properly restore your property, we negotiate a proper repair on your behalf.


Detailed Reporting – We will inspect our client’s property, review and organize all relevant documentation, and compile a detailed report based on our findings. Our clients appreciate our quick response and our attention to detail.

Problems We Solve

To ensure all damages have been properly identified, property owners may need the help of an expert to present their claim.

Wind Damage

Extreme wind damage is generally widespread, leaving carriers overwhelmed with little time to give every claim the attention it deserves. Things to consider:


– Mitigation Protocols
– Exclusion Identification
– Damage Classification
– Concealed Impact/Force
– Business Interruption

Hail Damage

Hail is one of the most common causes identified on insurance claims. It’s also one of the most often denied and/or underpaid by carriers. Things to consider:


– Hidden & Overlooked Damages
– Partial Repairs vs Full Replacement
– Deficient Settlement Proposals
– Additional Policy Benefits
– Licensed Representation

Fire Damage

Heartbreaking loss of personal property and complex claim requirements involved for proper recovery can be overwhelming. Things to consider:


– Forensic Evaluation

– Relocation Provisions

– Salvage Evaluation

– Document Replacement

– Contents Compilation

Damage Assessment & Remediation Protocol

Wind, Water and Fire are the most common forms of property damage, TEI Claims is certified to proficiently handle losses of this nature. When making a claim it is essential to accurately assess the potential costs for remediation. TEI utilizes advanced detection tools to identify and document damages. With comprehensive experience in remediation protocol and construction restoration, the TEI team knows exactly what it will take to fully recover from these disasters.

Insurance Appraisal

The appraisal provision is common within insurance policies and can be invoked when both sides are at an impasse. Each party hires their own appraiser to negotiate the claim (cost varies based on the claim size and complexity). Potentially, an umpire may be involved as well if the appraisers cannot find resolution. The umpire makes the final call in this scenario. Umpires fees are shared equally by the insured and insurance company.


TEI Claims will assist in the retention of contractors and adjusters if the appraisal process is invoked during our adjustment of the claim. This ensures an un-biased review of your claim, TEI Claims can also represent insureds as a third-party appraiser on a claim that we have not adjusted.

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