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Extreme Wind Damage Claims


High winds, sustained or fleeting, can cause unexpected damage that is often overlooked during initial inspections. Hurricanes, Tornados and Wind Bursts can cause breaches in building envelopes and building movement resulting in added pressures on the structure. These damages, sometimes hidden from view, may take years to manifest leading to unanticipated future repairs that may no longer be covered by the original claim due to time limitations. Left unaddressed, initial damages tend to spread resulting in subsequent damage to other building components as well.


TEI Claims specializes in structural forensic investigation and has played a crucial role in finding resolution for insureds on a variety of properties across the US.


Wind Damage Claims Process


Unfortunately, wind damage insurance claims can be grossly underpaid or denied all together. Sometimes carriers suggest partial repair when full replacement is warranted, leading to deficient settlement proposals. Coverages can be overlooked and damage to other components can be misidentified by the untrained eye. Let us help relieve the frustration of managing the claims process and assist with getting your property restoration moving forward in the right direction.


TEI Claims handles complex losses involving concealed damages and/or contested wind damage claims every day. We are experts when it comes to accurately identifying damages and presenting your claim to substantiate proper resolution. With our expertise and assistance, our clients are fairly compensated as quickly as possible to expedite the recovery process.


Settlement Resolution


Insurance carriers have a team of experts working on their behalf, policyholders deserve the same benefit. As public insurance adjusters, TEI Claims legally represents policyholders with their insurance claim; contractors and roofers are not licensed, nor trained, to do so.  We advocate for the insured and are dedicated to finding an equitable and prompt resolution to your insurance claim.

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